Rigid Packaging & Durables

Rigid plastics represent the fastest-growing category of re-purposed, multi-use or reusable plastics.

Because of the protective and preservative properties of rigid plastics, they are the ideal option for a wide range of applications in many sectors. For example, rigid jerry can containers are commonly repurposed to safely carry drinking water as their robustness and durability make the containers easy to store, stack and transport.

OQ’s offering includes a range of polymer technology solutions for the various rigid packaging and durable applications:

  • Luban polypropylene (PP) for garden furniture, customised closures, , thin-walled injection moulded products, and durables;
  • Luban high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for Household and Industrial Chemicals (HIC) containers as well as dairy bottles, caps, lid and closures, crates, and;
  • Luban linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for masterbatch base resins, durable lids, flip top closures, housewares, and washing baskets.

Our in-depth knowledge and diverse experience in rigid packaging grades enable us to offer high-performance solutions combining efficiency and functionality for food, consumer goods, houseware, electronics and industrial packaging through our world-class technology and customer-centric services. We cultivate strong partnerships with our customers to achieve the optimal balance between cost and performance.

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