Our Mission & Vision

At OQ, we are dedicated to driving positive change through the energy sector. Our unwavering commitment is to maximise the value derived from Oman's energy resources while propelling our transition into a sustainable and prosperous future. As we move forward, our vision, mission, and core principles serve as the guiding light that illuminates our path.

Our Vision

Maximising value from Oman’s energy resources and powering our transition towards a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Drive sustainable economic growth in Oman’s energy value chain and enable energy transition through successful partnerships.

Our Mandate

Energy Transition Enabler: Maximise value from national energy resources through investments linked to energy transition with partners.

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Our Culture

Together we perform and grow. Together we act as one to perform building security, trust, pride and future promoting growth that opens new opportunities to secure our future and build our careers.

Our Values

We Perform, Collaborate, and Care
As we perform, collaborate and care, we create a positive ripple effect – fostering growth for each of us, our teams, our organisation, our communities, our country and beyond.

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Careers at OQ

Discover your talent

“Being employed at OQ is not having a job but joining a career.” OQ is passionate about investing in the learning, development and career growth of our people.