Our Journey

The origins of OQ trace back more than a century. From the discovery of the OXO process to the founding of the Oman Refinery Company in 1982, we have continually evolved to serve our partners.

The creation of the Orpic Group in 2011, followed by integration with Oman Oil in 2019 were the key phases in unifying all nine companies into today’s integrated global energy company. The nine integrating companies are:

  1. Oman Oil Company
  2. Orpic
  3. Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production
  4. Oman Gas Company
  5. Duqm Refinery
  6. Salalah Methanol Company
  7. Oman Trading International
  8. OXEA
  9. Salalah Liquified Petroleum Gas

The creation of the currently integrated conglomerate translates into a greater global reach, maximises the overall value chain, and promotes the sharing of resources and expertise. Despite the increased size, the newly created synergies ultimately unlock improved accessibility, ability to be nimble as well as business excellence opportunities.

Central to our growth plans is the strengthening and expansion of our relationships with local and international partners, supported by combined investments of $28bn in the next ten years.

In addition to leveraging our partnerships, business excellence is achieved through optimised input costs and logistics, allowing for more investment opportunities into innovation. The increased ROI, in turn, delivers long-term growth and opportunities to drive sustainability initiatives.

Oman Refinery Company As the first refinery in Oman, ORC commissioned with a capacity of 50,000 bpd
Oman Oil Company OOC established as a wholly owned entity by the Govt. of Oman
Oman Gas Company
Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil)
Oman Trading International
ORC-SRC Merger Merger of Oman Refinery Company and Sohar Refinery Company to form Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Co.
Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production
Programme Apple Initiative to integrate Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company, Oman Polypropylene Co., and Aromatics Oman Ltd.

Salalah Methanol
Orpic Orpic was created following the initial phase of the integration
Acquisition of OXEA
Signing of partnership agreements for the development of Duqm Refinery & Petrochemical Complex with KPI
NAKHLA Programme NAKHLA concept was formed in November 2016, Oman Oil Company and Orpic met for a downstream integration workshop in order to explore value generation across Oman’s oil and gas sectors.
Duqm Refinery announced its ground- breaking ceremony
Foundation stone laid for Salalah LPG & Salalah Ammonia Projects
Sohar Refinery Improvement Project
OQ Brand Launch