Our Aspirations

Core Values

At OQ we stand for integrity, collaboration, agility and are able to transform. We care for our customers, employees and partners. Our core values are the proof of how we work.

People centric

The people who are touched by OQ whether as employees, customers, or other stakeholders in the community, are treated with care and respect irrespective of who they are, where they come from or how they live their lives.


All OQ operations are guided by fact, accountability, and moral and intellectual truth, underpinned by a deep respect for each other as colleagues, for our communities, and our planet.


Sharing knowledge, skills and practices between ourselves and our partners helps us to build robust approaches, systems and processes that serve the interests of all our stakeholders both inside and outside of the business.


Mental agility, adaptability and intellectual curiosity are crucial attributes that flow through our DNA, driving our ability to innovate, create opportunities and deliver the technological and service solutions of tomorrow.

Perform to transform

Daring to challenge the status quo both within and outside of the organisation enables us to make meaningful, sustainable, and truly transformational impacts on the lives of all those our business touches upon.

Careers at OQ Discover your talent

“Being employed at OQ is not having a job but joining a career.” OQ is passionate about investing in the learning, development and career growth of our people.