Making a difference through social investment

OQ is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the communities within which we operate by acknowledging, reflecting and supporting their potentials, values and needs.

Maximising our impact requires the input of community stakeholders and transparency in the selection process of selecting, evaluating and implementing our social investment actions. Towards this end, OQ has established an open social platform to allow community members to submit proposals.

The awarding of grants aimed at financially supporting the development and implementation of Social Projects, as part of OQ's Social Investment action, will be distributed between a variety of small projects, a few larger projects, or a combination of large and small grants.

Our focus areas

OQ prioritises the implementation of integrated and sustainable community proposals offering solutions focusing on territorial development at the local level. Our social investment programs aim to maximise the synergies between the projects. We've identified three focus areas to support:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Education and Innovation
  • Environment and Health

Corporate Social Investment Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019

Economic Prosperity

OQ focuses on contributing to enabling an environment fostering the development of entrepreneurship. New businesses substantially contribute to the sustainable creation of job opportunities and the overall improvement of the quality and productivity of existing producers and suppliers in the local economy.

Nurturing the right conditions to improve the earning potential of small-scale entrepreneurs means supporting the modernisation of administrative practices, encouraging innovation, and upgrading workforce skills.

Towards those ends, OQ seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, particularly through the enhancement of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This can be achieved by promoting innovation-focused educational programs and providing more research and technology-based training for people to strengthen prospective employment prospects in the industrial cluster.

Education and Innovation

Youth is one of the priorities for OQ. Investing in the training and education of young people by maximising their capacities increases their preparedness for the workforce through improved skills. A properly trained and qualified workforce translates into greater societal productivity and innovation. This improved level of manpower quality produces a better supply pipeline related to any field of work and a more vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A significant emphasis is placed on enhancing the adaptability of young people to the rapid changes and innovation drive, which characterise the modern labour market. We believe that bolstering the education, skills and innovative spirit of the youth are essential steps to prepare them for a successful insertion into the labour market.

Environment and Health

OQ supports initiatives and actions to protect and promote awareness of the environment. We are committed to advocating for environmental education and health programs. Influencing attitudes and increasing knowledge about natural resources, conservation and environmental preservation are central pillars of our funding initiatives.

Across the local and global communities we serve, OQ aims to address key issues such as remedying to the lack of sufficient healthcare professionals, helping to control the spread of diseases affecting modern society such as obesity, possible pandemic, hypertension, diabetes and others, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of risk factors.