OQ People Series

Through our Leadership Series, we aim to highlight OQ leaders helping our organisation meet our objectives and showcasing the contributions of our value partners, painting the full picture of how we make more possible.

OQ creates a work environment that supports and nurtures those thought leaders and paves the way for future leaders. We believe that competitive results are achieved by encouraging innovation and fostering a solutions-based approach to leadership. We have adopted and implemented a new leadership model: PICAP. It stands for:

  •  People-Centricity
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Perform to Transform

People form the centre of the PICAP model. The overarching model thrives on empowering employees and supports the development of high-performing teams. The model we've implemented promotes teamwork and an environment of diversity and inclusion.

We encourage integrity and build trust by meeting commitments and creating an atmosphere of transparency and accountability. The collaborative environment created engages and inspires people to collaborate and share knowledge to achieve common goals.


Ibrahim Al Harthi, Managing Director Takatuf Oman

Said Al Maawali, Head of Build and Emissions