Our aldehydes are mainly used as building blocks for our oxo derivatives products, including polyols, alcohols, carboxylic acids and amines.

Our aldehydes are also sold to customers who produce transparent synthetic polymers for safety glass applications. Another example is their use as a chain regulator for polyolefin production. Further applications for aldehydes include: lacquers, polymer additives, flotation reagents, as well as building blocks for agrochemicals.

The widespread use of aldehydes as intermediates in organic synthesis is due to their high reactivity.


Aldehydes are known for their pleasant smell and can be found in a variety of organic materials such as vanilla, orange rind, and plants like roses and citronella. These compounds are synthetically reproduced as ingredients for sweet-smelling perfumes and colognes. In industry, aldehydes are versatile compounds used to make resins, dyes and organic acids.

Aldehydes overview Product specifications and material safety data sheets (MSDS)

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