Refined Products

OQ has committed significant resources to ensure high-quality fuel output for our refinery operations and high-value petrochemical products.

Our Sohar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP) brings OQ’s total capacity to 198,000 bpd, marking a 70% overall growth from our previous fuel production levels to boots our output of diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel and naphtha.

The improvement efforts for the Sohar refinery include the ability to process heavier Omani crude oil, including crude distillation unit (CDU), vacuum distillation unit (VDU), delayed coker unit (DCU), hydrocracker unit (HCU) and bitumen blowing unit.

The SIRP project represents a vital catalyst for the refinery and petroleum industries in the sultanate. It’s an essential asset to realise our goal to manage one million barrels of oil equivalent per day.


OQ Trading is responsible for managing the domestic and international supply of OQ products, as well as trading both OQ and third-party crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, LNG and dry bulk.