Supply & Trading

OQ Trading has a track record of being a reliable supplier to our customers in the international arena as well as the domestic market in the Sultanate of Oman. We actively supply and trade a wide range of hydrocarbons including crude oil, refined petroleum products (encompassing gasoline components, naphtha, Jet A-1, Diesel, Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel oil), LNG and dry bulk (Petcoke, Sulphur and Urea), as well as petrochemicals such as paraxylene, benzene and methanol.

Incorporated in Dubai in 2006, OQ Trading has established itself as a significant international player, with offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. With a global network of trading offices, ideally located in all the major oil trading regions, we are able to capture value from arbitrage flows and evolving market dynamics, utilising our world-class logistics and supply chain management capabilities. In 2019, OQ Trading delivered almost 30 million metric tonnes of hydrocarbons to our customers and record profits to our shareholders, with global revenues exceeding USD 13 billion. Our experience and understanding of oil markets continue to enable us to implement structured transactions on the business' financial side to support our customers in an extremely volatile environment.

In the Sultanate, we are responsible for the entire domestic supply of cooking gas (LPG), gasoline (M91/M95), and gasoil (diesel), as well as JET A-1 aviation fuel to the airports. Total domestic sales volume during 2019 was just below 5 million metric tonnes across the regulated products of gasoline and gasoil to over 600 filling stations across Oman. We work closely with the two fuel regulatory bodies, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Ministry of Energy & Minerals, to ensure adherence to all transportation and distribution regulations as well as the provision to customers of highest quality products which meet the domestic specifications of Oman. In addition, we are proud to support the local market through introduction of new high grade products such as the Utimax (Mogas 98) supplied to Oman Oil Marketing Company, as well as sales of Sulphur and Urea with total volumes annually of 60,000 metric tonnes and 30,000 metric tonnes respectively.


Our business revolves around commodities trading, marketing and supply chain management

OQ Trading has successfully established a global presence as one of the world’s major participants in the commodities trading industry – trading approximately 30 million tonnes of energy products each year.


Efficiency that supports a global energy network

We focus on strategic drivers that utilise fuel and non-fuel retail margins, reduce group volatility in earnings, offer branding opportunity and get us closer to end users.

Performance Chemicals

World-leading solutions that meet the most demanding needs in a vast array of industries and applications, adding value to our daily lives

Sectors include food and agriculture, packaging, infrastructure and construction, pharmaceuticals, automotive, lubricants, functional fluids, paints and coatings, as well as personal and home care.