Established in 2000 by the Royal Decree No. 78/2000 as Oman Gas Company (OGC), in 2023, it became OQGN. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OQ Group, which is owned by Oman Investment Authority (OIA).

OQGN is the exclusive operator of Oman’s gas transportation system. We are the backbone of the country’s energy ecosystem – acting as both a critical company and infrastructure provider for the Sultanate.

We transport energy in a reliable, efficient, and safe way and aim to be the national champion in energy infrastructure through innovative and sustainable solutions.
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Sustainable practices are essential to ensure our growth now and for years to come. OQGN is committed to driving innovative change and is proudly working aligned with Oman Vision 2040 and UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to continue to grow our network and operations to deliver cleaner, more sustainable energy, while supporting local communities, and maintaining high level of ethics and transparency. 



We are deeply committed to operational excellence. We focus on maintaining the best standards of operation and maintenance and are very proud of our excellent track record, with more than 99.9% gas availability over the last 10 years and an average recovery time of 17 minutes. Our assets are of the highest quality and have been recognised through a number of international certifications.

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Health & safety

Our employees are the foundation of our company and only a healthy workforce will enable us to reach our vision. We actively work to have a culture that values employee health and well-being, enforcing strict safety protocols in all of our facilities and workplaces. We benchmark our safety performance against ambitious targets set by our leadership team as well as against established international safety standards. We provided 1,400 hours of HSE training in 2021.



The security of our assets is a top priority for our leadership and something that is instilled in each employee. The business regularly evaluates and prepares for any potential threats and disruptions to our operations.

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Corporate responsibility

As a leading industrial operator and employer in Oman, we recognise and embrace the responsibility we have for our local communities. We take immense pride in the fact that 61% of our total procurement spending is paid to local suppliers. We find it important to directly invest into local infrastructure and initiate programs designed to support local youth, the elderly and the wider community.