OQ Chemical’s supports automotive fluids which are environmentally cleaner, more efficient, and kinder to engines than ever before.

OQ’s Carboxylic Acid and Polyols can be found in synthetic polyol ester base oils as engine oil additives to enhance automotive lubricant performance. These base oils improve lubricity, cleanliness, seal compatibility, and biodegradability.

Dielectric fluids made from synthetic polyol ester base oils provide biodegradable temperature control for Electronic Vehicle battery systems and super charging stations. Liquid immersion cooling with Dielectric fluids are effective in removing and managing heat in electronics. And fluids based on our carboxylic acids are used to increase automotive coolant efficiency. Therefore OQ Chemicals is well positioned to support the next generation of green mobility systems.

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March 24, 2021

How ester base oils help to shape the future

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