OQ Products are used by a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our Carboxylic Acids and Polyols are used in synthetic polyol ester base oils for refrigeration, aviation and industrial lubricants. Other Industrial applications include use in heat-transfer fluids, transformer dielectric fluids and drilling fluids.

Demand for synthetic polyol ester base oil lubricants for environmentally friendly air conditioning and refrigeration technology is increasing due to regulatory requirements and growing economic prosperity in countries like India and China. High-quality synthetic polyol ester lubricants and functional fluids made from our carboxylic acids and polyols positively impact the environment by extending the life of compressors. Our solutions remove the need for environmentally damaging refrigerants.

Due this increasing demand in the industry, OQ is investing in new infrastructure - including its 6th carboxylic acid plant in Oberhausen, Germany. The production plant will increase company-wide capacity for carboxylic acids by more than 30% in 2022.

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March 24, 2021

How ester base oils help to shape the future

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