January 16 - 19, 2020 Mumbai, India

Plastivision 2020


We love having the opportunity to share our innovations with potential partners. Stop by our Possibility Café each day at 14:00 to learn about out game-changing solutions and informative talks by our features speaker.

Under its new brand “OQ”, Oman Oil and Orpic Group brings together the legacy of its nine business units into one voice and one community. Combining its talent and innovative resources, the new OQ is poised to be a catalyst for change by partnering with its customers to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

OQ’s polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) products are making more possible in the following industries: Packaging, Infrastructure, Household and Appliances, Agriculture, Automotive, and Healthcare industries. Headquartered in Muscat, Oman, the company is dedicated to providing customers around the globe with world class sales, marketing, technical and supply chain support. They work alongside partner technicians and engineers to serve as a seamless extension of the R&D team.


World-class solutions for an increasingly sophisticated market

PP remains one of the fastest-growing polymers, widely used in many different areas such as rigid and flexible packaging, healthcare, food, hygiene, and automotive applications.


Serving a fast-growing demand across global markets efficiently

These lightweight and durable materials are the most common group of thermoplastics in use today.