March 09, 2022 Online

Polymer Solutions With Sustainability In Mind


The global polymer demand is on the rise as it is a widely used petrochemical product in multitudes of applications across industrial sectors. As a global integrated energy company and value-driven leader, OQ provides a stronger, unified, and efficient approach to end-to-end product and service delivery.

Operating in 17 countries worldwide, we deliver high-performing polymer solutions to your doorstep with reliable technical expertise, and an OQ global value chain that underscores security and success.

Learn how we’re transforming ideas into reality through our focused application, dedicated product development, and the dependable output of LPIC in this webinar from our Connect.Learn.Do series.

Access our webinar to learn about how OQ’s present capacity is seamlessly delivering sustainable solutions that industries need tomorrow – and expect today.

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Sadiq Ehsan Sadiq Al-Lawati is a Sales Manager at OQ, managing the Polymers Portfolio. Given his role, he works closely with direct customers and is responsible for analysing and evaluating customer requirements and feedback and liaise with the product development, sales and marketing teams.

Sadiq is a young and talented professional, having started his career with Orpic / OQ in the Specialist Application Development and Technical Service (Polymers. He has shown great business acumen and strong potential, he has graduated to the role of a sales manager in a very short time, expanding his responsibilities within the company.

He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management & Finance from Swansea University (UK).