April 23, 2024

OQ Unveils ICP Grades at Chinaplas 2024, Paving the Way for Sustainable Urban Growth

Press release
Polymers Sustainability

In response to the diverse polymer demands arising from China's rapid urbanization, OQ, an international energy company headquartered in Oman, is showcasing its latest innovative Impact Copolymer (ICP) solutions at Chinaplas 2024. With these new grades, OQ empowers its customers to develop versatile end products, providing reliable support for the comfort of urban living.

China's current urbanization rate of permanent residence has reached 66.16% and is projected to increase, as the 2024 Government Work Report highlights efforts to further push forward new urbanization. As rural-to-urban migration persists, it will entail not only demand related to daily urban necessities, but also demand arising from lifestyle shifts. People are increasingly seeking more convenient and healthier food, compact and versatile household products, and energy-efficient, low-carbon transportation. Plastic products are essential for meeting these demands. Whether it's food packaging, home appliances, or automotive components, polymer plays a pivotal role as a raw material.

In response, OQ is showcasing a range of ICP (Impact Copolymer Polypropylene) grades at Chinaplas 2024 to respond to the opportunities, including OQLUBAN EP2340L, OQLUBAN EP2340P, OQLUBAN EP2348R, OQLUBAN EP2348S, and OQLUBAN EP2348T. These products enable the production of various rigid packaging & durables items, fostering a more convenient and compact life while promoting a more relaxed and greener lifestyle. For example, grades including OQLUBAN EP2340L and OQLUBAN EP2348T play a crucial role in food supply chain – they guarantee the safe transit of food from farms to cities, and ensure effective food preservation in supermarkets and homes. And versatile solutions like OQLUBAN EP2340L/P and OQLUBAN EP2348R/S/T can support even more everyday applications such as toys, housewares, consumer goods, home appliances, and automotive compounding.

OQ’s high-quality ICP solutions offer an array of beneficial properties. Their shared key benefits and features include:

  • Enhanced flowability: Reduces energy use and processing temperatures, leading to cost and energy savings; also enables thinner walls for design flexibility and light weighting.
  • Improved dimensional stability: Ensuring dimensional consistency that are critical for hot filling, stacking, and reheating applications.
  • Improved stiffness and toughness balance: Enabling versatile applications for durability and cost savings throughout the production process, ensuring functionality across the entire value chain, including storage and transportation needs.

OQ’s ICP grades have gained the trust of Chinese converters across appliances, automotive components, houseware containers, and furniture. Iris, a renowned houseware manufacturer, adopted OQLUBAN EP2348S grade to develop innovative home storage solutions, intending to expand its use from China to neighboring markets like Korea and Japan.

Abdul Rahman Al Tamtami, Vice President Global Marketing, noted: “As urbanization momentum continues, the resulting opportunities for businesses are boundless. Our new OQLUBAN grades offer a strategic partnership opportunity with Chinese manufacturers to seize the growing demand to polymer solutions arising with urbanization. We hope to join forces to harness this potential so we may contribute to the shaping of China's urban landscape”

Buthaina Al Shezawi, Vice President Global Sales, OQ Polymer Marketing, added, ”At OQ, we view our relationship with customers as a strategic partnership—listening intently, addressing challenges collaboratively, and delivering tailored solutions. We are committed to excellence in both product quality and customer service, guiding every client from initial contact through to commercial success to ensure their needs are met."

OQ's innovative ICP grades, unveiled at Chinaplas 2024, are crucial for supporting China's urban growth by meeting the polymer demands of an expanding urban population. These high-performance materials demonstrate OQ's commitment to sustainability and efficiency, positioning the company as a key partner in China’s urban development strategy. As the demand for reliable and eco-friendly products grows, OQ is poised to meet current and future market needs effectively.

To learn more about our OQLUBAN ICP portfolio, meet our experts in Hall 6.2, C52 at Chinaplas 2024!