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Growth Projects


Growth Projects

As an integrated energy company with a global footprint, OQ is committed to developing our upstream and downstream business plans by optimising its hydrocarbon value chain.

Investments of $28 billion have been dedicated to large-scale growth projects aimed at embracing momentum, new horizons and opportunities. These endeavours enable OQ to be an agile innovator working with industry partners and clients to make more possible in terms of identifying new opportunities, improve sustainability and achieve advanced performance.

By unlocking the full potential and values of Oman's resources, OQ is well poised to address the ever-growing demand for sustainable polymer solutions especially in the areas of packaging, industrial, agriculture and automotive.

The full potential of LPG products


Extracting the full potential of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) products

OQ's LPG project in Salalah, in the south of Oman, focuses on liquified petroleum gas (LPG) products. This wholly-owned operation, forecasted for completion in Q2 2021, builds on the Salalah LPG Extraction plant, storage tanks, shipping facilities, and interconnected pipeline system. Enabling the output of LPG products means expanding the extraction capabilities by adding storage and exporting facilities. The $826 million investment in this 300,000 tonnes per year LPG Extraction plant will lead to production levels of 155 KTA of propane, 111 KTA of butane, and 38 KTA of condensate.

Our polymer product mix and business model


Expanding our polymer product mix and business model

The Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) represents a $6.7 billion signature investment into a wholly-owned petrochemical complex in the Sohar Industrial Port, Oman. LPIC comprises polypropylene plants, producing 300,000 tonnes per year, and two polyethylene plants (HDPE and LLDPE), marking a breakthrough in PE's novel production at levels of 880,000 tonnes per year. The transformational project is a significant pillar of OQ's growing global footprint in the downstream polymer industry.

Production possibilities of ammonia


Expanding possibilities with the production of ammonia

Slated for completion in May 2021, OQ's Salalah Ammonia Project represents a $463 million investment in a 1,000 metric tonnes per day (MTPD) capacity ammonia plant in Salalah, in southern Oman. The new plant will be integrated with an existing 1 million tonnes per year (tpy) capacity methanol plant. The new facility will utilise hydrogen-rich purge gas generated by the methanol plant as feedstock, making it capable of producing ammonia. In addition to being used as an ingredient in the production of fertilisers, ammonia is an important intermediate chemical in the manufacture of synthetic resins, synthetic fibres, and polyurethanes, among other applications.

A global hub for crude oil and petroleum derivatives


Building a global hub for the storage of crude oil and petroleum derivatives

Oman Tank Terminal Company LLC (OTTCO), an OQ wholly-owned subsidiary, is being developed as a strategically located major crude oil storage terminal at Ras Markaz, near Duqm. The $459 million project, expected to be completed in September 2021, comprises the design, construction and operation of an offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility to service crude oil tankers and provides crucial infrastructure connecting to an onshore booster pumping station. In addition to providing additional support for crude exports, the Ras Markaz Crude Oil Terminal project positions the Sultanate as a strategically located international hub for the storage of crudes and petroleum derivatives.

Oman's centralised utilities provider


Establishing Oman's landmark centralised utilities provider for industrial zones

The Marafiq project is a 50% joint venture between OQ and Gulf Energy Development of Thailand. The $487 million project, a Centralised Utilities Company (CUC), is being developed to provide utilities to the industrial sector in Duqm. Marafiq has been granted exclusive rights to generate, transmit, distribute and supply various utilities over a 25-year period. The installation facilitates a considerable 326 MW capacity Power and Water Complex project featuring 36,000 m3/day desalinated water capacity, 1,500,000 m3/day seawater intake capacity, and 1,000,000 m3/day outfall capacity. Marafiq will also supply power to the OTTCO facilities at Raz Markaz.

Oman's next industrial centre


Building Oman's next industrial centre catering to petrochemicals and infrastructure development

Duqm Refinery is a downstream complex being developed under a 50% strategic partnership between OQ and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI). Projected for completion in 2020, the Duqm Special Economic Zone along the Arabian Sea coastline will have a refinery capacity of 230,000 barrels of crude per day. Its primary products will also include diesel, jet fuel, naphtha and LPG. The project is based in Al Duqm, located in the South East Al Wusta Governorate of the Sultanate of Oman. This gives the project a strategic maritime location and a competitive advantage, being in the path of international shipping lines in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, thus easing transport in and out of the region.