April 18, 2023

OQ Concludes Its Ramadan Convoy "Marsa Al Khair" Journey Across 7 Omani Governorates

Press release

The Marsa Al Khair convoy, organised by the global integrated energy group OQ, has successfully completed its journey across seven coastal Omani governorates from Musandam to Salalah. Launched in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, the convoy aimed to raise public awareness about the importance of alternative energy. Two wind-powered sailboats navigated along the coastline throughout the journey.

The convoy's objective was to promote clean energy sources to generate positive environmental impact and emphasise their potential benefits. Encouraging the adoption of wind and other clean energy sources aligns with the Sultanate of Oman's transition towards sustainable energy under H.M. Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, may the Almighty protect him. The goal is carbon neutrality by 2050 and a sustainable future.

Enthusiastic receptions, featuring lively chants and cultural performances, marked the convoy's arrival in each wilayat. Various events showcased sustainability and the close relationship between the communities and the sea. Local students participated in activities like drawing, painting, and group games. Omani Women’s Associations exhibited heritage and household products, and beach games were organised for all to enjoy.

This inaugural convoy during the holy month of Ramadan highlights the deep bond between the Omani people and the sea, reviving the rich maritime heritage among successive generations and emphasising the country's strong connection to its seafaring roots.

The convoy symbolises OQ's collaborative partnerships with government entities and private sector organisations, reflecting the commitment to cooperation and community engagement among all stakeholders involved.

Research shows that Oman has significant potential for wind and solar power generation. Optimal wind power generation sites are primarily located along the southeastern coasts of Al Jazir and Duqm, while suitable locations for hybrid solar radiation generation centres are likely to be found in Suhar and Thumrayt.