Carboxylic Acids

Our carboxylic acids are used in synthetic lubricants, herbicides, safety glass, animal feed, flavours & fragrances, corrosion inhibitors, functional fluids and polymer-stabilisers.

More precisely, carboxylic acids form the basis for producing lubricants for environmentally friendly air-conditioning and cooling systems and are also used to help raising animals without the use of antibiotics.

Tackling sustainability challenges, we manufacture several carboxylic acids in Animal Feed (AF) quality. These products are of high importance to the feed industry, which uses them as starting material for beneficial feed additives that help farmers to compensate productivity constraints when omitting antibiotic growth promoters.

Regulatory requirements on animal feed composition place high standards on farmers. Our n-butyric acid AF (animal feed grade) provide a vital solution for them to meet marketplace expectations.

Carboxylic acids overview Product specifications and material safety data sheets (MSDS)

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