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OQ is uniquely positioned to deliver the right printing solutions to its customers as consumers demand more sustainable, higher quality and safer packaging solutions.

OQ’s Propyls solution based on n-propanol and n-propyl acetate are central to the development of superior speciality solvent solutions for printing inks, which are central to taking the printing industry to the next level of quality, sustainability, and safety. The benefits of OQ propyls include higher quality, lower odour, higher printing speed, and optimal ink stability.

The cost benefits that propyls give to the industry are significant: international research indicates 30% cost savings on average. In addition, the manufacturing process is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its slower evaporation behaviour, propyls reduce vapour concentration and VOC emissions into the atmosphere.

The slower evaporation of propyl inks and solvents also serves to improve the re-solubility of ink, delivering a far superior finish. Other benefits include a more efficient ink transfer, less waste and less solvent needed for cleaning purposes.

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise ink and material usage and boost efficiencies across all of our locations around the world. By focusing on these attainable goals through innovating propyls and other technologies, we are able to act as a more responsible corporate citizen to the natural world, society and our many stakeholders.

By supplying both the packaging material and key parts of the printing ink technology, OQ is in a unique position to combine its considerable technical expertise across the value chain with a tailor-made boutique approach. This capability serves as a bedrock for our partner relationships.

By providing high quality polymers and oxo products, we are in a powerful position to be able to understand and respond to the everchanging challenges and demands of the industry, the environment, and the consumer.

OQ innovation is equally driven by changes in consumer habits and behaviours, with the rise of e-commerce acting as a major change agent over recent history. Flexible packaging is a particularly important option for online retailers that deliver by post. The benefits of a smaller logistics footprint, the ability to withstand rough handling in transit and frustration-free accessibility makes quality flexible packaging an obvious choice.

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Your propyls partner. Less Solvent. Less Ink. Less Waste.

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Your propyls partner

Less Solvent. Less Ink. Less Waste.

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