Flexible Packaging

OQ solutions for flexible packaging feature cost efficiencies across the value chain from transportation between factories to warehouses, to retail spaces, to consumers cupboards.

OQ flexible packaging materials are also lightweight and compact, offering cost advantages and saving much-coveted space in multiple storage locations, including consumers' food cupboards.

This sector has progressed significantly over recent years in response to social demands for more sustainable solutions, coupled with shifts in consumer expectations in-store and the rise of e-commerce. Innovation plays a crucial role in providing solutions to the environmental challenges and the shift in consumer needs. OQ continues to place great emphasis on research and development in new flexible packaging technologies, driven by a strong commitment to developing materials that ensure consumer goods are safe from contaminants and highly efficient across various applications.

Many consumer-facing industry sectors require flexible packaging - including sporting goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. All of these industries face the same 21st century challenge to utilise materials that are manufactured sustainably, with a greater level of biodegradability, are recyclable and safe.

OQ's materials offer the right balance between malleability and strength, which are both crucial characteristics in flexible packaging. Our OQ Luban PP, LLDPE and HDPE solutions provide brand owners, converters, suppliers and end-users with flexible materials that are lightweight, highly durable, and easy to use.

Our flexible packaging products are used across a vast array of applications, including in bags, wraps, food pouches, shrink-wrap, stretch films and water bottle wrappers amongst others. Underpinning their superiority are characteristics of mechanical strength, barrier efficiency (safeguarding food contents from contaminants for example), the ability to withstand printing processes, heat resistance, visual appearance (such as high gloss and clarity), recyclability and cost efficiency.

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