Food Packaging

OQ offers a range of polymer products providing efficiency across the value chain and at the same time helping the manufacturers of flexible packaging solutions to achieve high product quality.

Films are used across multiple industry sectors particularly in food packaging wraps for fruits and plastic bottles, frozen foods, drink sachets, laminated pouches for food packs, snack products, and pet foods.

OQ Luban film grades are popularly used in traditional blown or cast film extrusion, which are commonly applied to stand-up pouches, fruit overwraps, bags on rolls and grocery bags.

OQ Luban cast films are typically used for food and textiles packaging, flower wrapping, coating substrates in extrusion coating processes, or laminated to other materials in the formation of more complex films, among many other applications.

OQ Luban BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) films are suitable for a vast range of applications comprising food packaging, labelling and tapes. Biaxial processing results in increased toughness, increased stiffness, enhanced clarity, improved oil and grease resistance, and enhanced barrier properties.

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