Thin-walled Packaging & Containers

We offer the industry value chain, lean, high performance and visually appealing plastics solutions for everyday applications.

The versatility of the OQ Luban PP product range enables the packaging industry to develop thin-walled packaging solutions to answer the demand for convenience from consumers in today's busy lifestyle.

Our unique Luban PP product range for thin-walled Packaging TWP offer, operational efficiency, reduced weight, improved stack ability for storage, and excellent aesthetics for both food and non-food applications.

As demands on the packaging industry increase in complexity and with mounting environmental and safety regulations, there's a growing need to minimise packaging weight and safe food-contact properties. As brand owners and convertors grapple with these market trends, OQ's innovative products offer viable solutions for the consumer rigid packaging sector.

Our Luban polypropylene (PP) range is used in a variety of thin-walled packaging (TWP) applications where the need for solutions with high fluidity and balanced mechanical properties are essential to manufacturing high-quality and complex designed containers used in dairy packaging, housewares, plastic containers, as well as disposable cups and glasses.

Luban thin-walled packaging offers cost effective and more sustainable solutions to traditional packaging materials lowering transport costs and increasing logistic efficiency.

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