Caps & Closures

OQ's Luban range of PE and PP products provide freedom of design for manufacturers, enabling the offering of safe, convenient and attractive closure solutions to the exacting packaging marketplace.

High-quality resins are a key link in the chain when securing the contents and integrity of any product packaging. Allowing the packaging industry to keep pace with rapidly evolving modern lifestyles and the demand for convenience and lightweight solutions they become vital parts of the equation that define caps and closure requirements.

OQ's PE and PP solutions, range from Luban polypropylene (PP) homopolymer, impact and random copolymers, Luban LLDPE, and Luban HDPE, all providing effective caps, soft lids, pull rings and closures for a variety of end uses which include food, personal care and cosmetics; carbonated and still drinks, and; chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Caps and closures also add an important design element to the product pack, eye-catching colours and novel user functionality all contribute to the brand-building efforts in capturing busy consumers’ attention.

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