General Purpose Durables

We provide our customers with reliable polymer solutions for houseware products by ensuring design appeal aesthetics and functionality is matched with optimal performance.

Whether it's for housewares, small appliances, or components, OQ's technical expertise in the production and support of quality polymers offers the highest safety standards, operational efficiency and durability.

Common household appliances are a focal point in the consumer rigids segment. Appliances occupy central areas within our living spaces and consumers place a premium on aesthetics, design and functionality.

Household appliances require the versatility of Luban polypropylene (PP) solutions to ensure durability, reliability and safety are maintained.

Our Luban PP Impact copolymer solutions for producing home consumer products display balanced physical properties of excellent stiffness and impact combined with easy processing to deliver functionality with operational efficiency.

The broad Luban PP product portfolio includes solutions that can be applied from moulded washing machine tubs, appliance body parts through to food containers and other household items.

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