October 19, 2022

K 2022: Luban HP2151T marks latest OQ innovation in thin wall packaging solutions

Press release
Polymers Corporate
  • Produced using Spheripol technology, Luban HP2151T is a high-flow reactor grade PP homopolymer that delivers key benefits on demanding market needs: Sustainability, light weighting, aesthetics and productivity
  • Key application is thin wall injection moulding (TWIM) for food packaging
  • New product will be exhibited by OQ in Hall 6/A23 at the upcoming K 2022 in Düsseldorf

OQ, the fast-growing, Oman-based enterprise, continues to expand its product portfolio by introducing Luban HP2151T – a high-flow reactor (60 MFI) grade PP homopolymer targeting thin wall packaging applications.

Luban HP2151T delivers a multitude of benefits for rigid packaging manufacturers who will be able to connect to OQ experts on the new grade at the upcoming K 2022 show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

First, Luban HP2151T provides a more sustainable solution for rigid food packaging manufacturers; requiring up to 15% less energy to convert, cutting up to 8% of CO2 emissions during the moulding phase.

Second, Luban HP2151T’s higher flowability combined with increased stiffness & top load performance enable packaging designers the freedom to use less material in their products thus providing light weighting potential.

Third, Luban HP2151T is designed for transparent packaging and offers up to 25% lower haze as well as improved gloss and fresh look over benchmark products. These enable brand owners to differentiate their end - products in crowded supermarket shelf.

Last but not least, rigid packaging manufacturers can benefit from increased productivity with Luban HP2151T. The advanced nucleation system in its formulation offers less warpage and rapid cooling. When combined with its higher flowability, manufacturers can realize up to 5% faster cycle times during moulding.

In summary, broad range of benefits across packaging value chain delivered by Luban HP 2151T.

Responding to industry demand

Luban HP2151T was developed in response to several industry demands and trends. Consumers are increasingly seeking packaging solutions with improved aesthetic appeal and lower environmental footprint, while moulders are in search of materials that offer boosted productivity and light weighting potential.

Gilles Rochas, Managing Director of Polymer Marketing at OQ, commented: “The process of developing Luban HP2151T was accelerated so it was ready for our customers within a short time. We continue to produce grades based on customer needs, value creation in the application and the demand & feedback of our customers globally. In the case of Luban HP2151T, this is our star product as we look ahead to K 2022. It perfectly showcases the progressive direction we are taking.”

Looking ahead, OQ is set to strengthen its thin wall packaging solutions further with additional Luban family launches. These will include high flow impact and random copolymer products designed for a range of rigid packaging solutions that contribute to food security.

Customers and prospective customers will be able to explore all OQ’s innovations at K 2022.

The event, one of the most prestigious gatherings of stakeholders from across the worldwide polymer industry, is held in Düsseldorf on October 19-26. OQ will be exhibiting in Hall 6/A23.