Polyethylene is another vital element in OQ's Polyolefin value chain. These lightweight and durable materials are the most common group of thermoplastics in use today.

Demand for polyethylene is on the rise and is expected to reach 112.3 million tonnes by 2021. OQ is firmly committed to strengthening our footprint locally and globally, while answering future challenges, with the novel push to produce polyethylene in Oman.

As our integrated company serves a wider geographical scope, our confidence to innovate is supported by our reputation for reliability. Our unique agility also fuels OQ's innovative drive to respond to market demand for high-value polymer products and secure constant supply for the local and international marketplaces.

OQ's new LPIC project in Suhar features two polyethylene plants with a total capacity of 880,000 tonnes per year of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). The LPIC project has Oman entering the global stage, contributing significantly to in-country value in the local economy by facilitating over six million person-hours of Omani labour, contracts, and professional training.

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